All You Need to Know

As you already know, we launched our new site yesterday morning. This post will tell you all you need to know, from the answers to the “7 Questions” to each of our site’s role change.


First off, you probably want to know the reason why we are changing sites.

As the year went on and Pottermore became a bigger deal, and our Tumblr’s amount of followers increased, we wanted to do something big; a new website. Though we wanted to stay on Tumblr, our goals for the new site were not possible on the format. After months of going back and forth on different website designers, we made our final decision to go with WordPress.

At WordPress, we were given so many opportunities. We could hold discussions, post polls and load documents right on the site! But, of course, there was a catch. Most of the features that we wanted for our new site cost money, something we were not ready to spend on the site.

Then, we discovered Weebly, a site maker that could provide us with all of the features we wanted without an additional cost. We were happy with both of our sites, so instead of taking one down and keeping another, we decided on hosting both. Each site would have it’s own role to play at Pottermore News. Which leads us to our next topic (Great segway, we know!)


Instead of having long, multiple paragraphs describing each of our sites, we went with a couple of sentences then bullets with characteristics of each of the sites.


Our WordPress site will be our official site, where you can find all the latest news stories on Pottermore and Harry Potter in general, and the site where we will be posting spoilers (when the time comes).

  • Reports on news stories- Pottermore & Harry Potter
  • Information about Pottermore with links to tutorials and official websites
  • Spoiler posts straight from Pottermore


Home of all things fun, our Weebly page is where you can participate in discussions, vote in polls, download and read our guides to Pottermore and watch the latest episodes in our visual podcast YouTube series, OwlTV. Much more is to come with this site…

  • Participate in discussions with other fans
  • Vote your choice in polls
  • Read and download moment-by-moment guides to Pottermore 
  • Watch and share your thoughts about the latest OwlTV episodes
  • Links to recent news reports from WordPress


Our Tumblr will probably change the most. We will finally be using Tumblr for what it was made for; blogging and sharing thoughts about different topics.

  • Re-blogging Harry Potter-related posts
  • Sharing thoughts about recent fandom events
  • Answering questions about Pottermore
  • Links to recent news reports from WordPress


Twitter: Where we shorten all we do in 140 characters or less 🙂

  • Keep up with the Harry Potter fandom
  • Answering your questions about Pottermore
  • Discuss and give feedback about Harry Potter news stories and happenings
  • Find out the latest Pottermore statistics
  • Suggest discussion topics for OwlTV
  • Participate in contests and giveaways 
  • Links to news stories as soon as publication

Facebook AND Google+

The roles of our Facebook and Google+ pages are pretty much the same, and summed up right in 5 bullets:

  • Read exclusive Pottermore news- from reviews to personal user stories
  • Leave comments and give responses to the latest posts
  • Participate in contests and giveaways
  • (Facebook Exclusive) “Attend” Pottermore-specific events to discuss major milestones (launches, releases, etc.) as-its-happening
  • Links to news stories as soon as publication


The official home of our visual news podcast series, OwlTV, where we share and discuss all the latest and greatest in Harry Potter and Pottermore news.

  • Watch the latest OwlTV episodes
  • Subscribe to our channel and get notified after each video is posted
  • Leave comments about the episodes
  • Suggest discussion topics for the next episode


For now, we like the way all of our sites are set-up. But in a true JK Rowling way, we say “There’s always the future.” When we get there, we plan to go bigger (YES! BIGGER!), and to form a better site.

Over the next year, we would like to go live on our own domain, host live events on USTREAM and to condense everything to one official site. This means that the changes do not stop here, and they will be going on throughout 2012.

For the time being, we hope that you are enjoying the new Pottermore News as much as we are. Until next time… KEEP CALM AND POTTER MORE.


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