An Interview with the Harry Potter Journey

As you might have caught on Twitter, earlier today we were interviewing with the Harry Potter Journey.

The Harry Potter Journey is a brand-new non-profit website that is essentially a timeline of the Harry Potter books, how they were created and how they affected J.K. Rowling’s life. The site features interviews with people who had a lead role in the making of Harry Potter, including illustrators and publishers. It also showcases editions and covers of the books, along with exclusive new information that has been lost in the vault for years.

In the interview, we discussed how the idea of the Harry Potter Journey came to mind, what to expect from the site in future times, and more. They were also kind enough to give us an exclusive look at an early concept of the Harry Potter Journey, which you can see above. As you can see in the picture, the site has evolved much since then. To be honest, the interview isn’t much an interview at all, but rather a conversation with too devoted Harry Potter fans.

Be sure to check out the Harry Potter Journey and to read our full interview with them. We are positive you won’t be disappointed by both.

P.S. We’ve made an Unbreakable Vow to cut some of the interview out, as some information must be kept secret, but we can assure you that big things will be happening, and the journey will be an adventurous one.


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