New statement from Rowling’s reps sparks new mystery

A new article in the Telegraph titled “Harry Potter and the Pottermore web mystery” is starting to brew mystery itself.

The article is the first to feature an official statement from J.K. Rowling’s reps, but the statement left readers with more questions than answers. Read the excerpt below:

A spokesman for Rowling would say only that the author was “not ready to say” why it had been delayed. “There is no further information at the moment – but it will be obvious when it is announced.”

The spokesman added: “We appreciate fans’ patience, and as soon as we’re in a position to let them know more, we will do so.”

The first thing that sparked our attention was that J.K. Rowling was “‘not ready to say’ why it had been delayed”. We think that this might have to deal with the new book, and that Rowling might have wanted to focus her time on the book and planning marketing campaigns, releases details, etc. It may also be personal problems she is dealing with, but it is unsure if Jo would ever release those details.

The second point made in the statement was that “‘There is no further information at the moment – but it will be obvious when it is announced.” This had our minds racing! What could this mean?! One thing that this could mean that there will be changes coming to Pottermore- changes that will be noticeable. The first part of the change might have been the notification system, as that was altered in early January. Though, this could also mean an internal change in Pottermore that might not be seen with the naked eye, but when brought attention to, as in this upcoming announcement, we will be able to notice it.

The third mystery that rose from this article was towards the end:

The interactive site is intended as a meeting place for fans, offering games, discussion forums, film clips and access to e-books.

Now, it is obvious that Pottermore features games, forums and e-books, but film clips? Though this could be an error on the Telegraph’s part but it may be a hint of what is to come from Pottermore. Though, it is highly unlikely that the films will be incorporated into Pottermore, as the books and films have always been set apart. But still this makes us wonder, what if the films were incorporated into Pottermore? Would you like? Share in the comments below!

We highly recommend reading the full story and sharing your feedback about it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, comments, etc.

We are currently in the process of making a timeline of upcoming events this year, where we will be predicting when and how things will take order. This will appear on our Tumblr in a short time…



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