Pottermore back online with new changes

Following a week offline, Pottermore is back online with some exciting new changes!

The first most visible change is perhaps one that fans most wanted to see: Sound. Finally, we have an improvement that enhances the experience and adds to it greatly. In our opinion, Pottermore really hit home with this one. From a meowing cat and a honking car, they all add to the Pottermore journey. it It is also awes us that the Pottermore team created all these sounds for 17 chapters and 45 moments in only one week! And, according to the post, this is only an introduction and they will be adding many more.

The Pottermore Insider had some more things to say about other changes:

We also anticipate some disruption for Beta users, especially when adding comments and drawings. You may experience some intermittent messaging that pauses your experience. We appreciate your patience as we test some options, and work though these over the coming days.

Following your feedback we’ve also made some changes to house points. Every house point you earn now has a greater effect on the total for your house – so you may see some movement in the house rankings.

Other things, such as the Facebook connect button, have temporarily disappeared and the Gateway (seen when you first log in) also looks a little different. We’re making some improvements to these features and will be trying out some new ideas.

As stated in the first paragraph, they anticipated that there might be some disruption with the beta users. Many users on Twitter and Facebook have commented that they have had some difficulties reaching the site, and that it crashes. We also have experienced some of this and the site has crashed for us, too. Many times the site will redirect us to the “Purple screen of death” or will glitch, showing a blank page.

Secondly, there has been some talk about the change in house points. We were completely surprised when we saw that the house point values went up from the hundred thousands to the ten millions! But, overall, there seems to be not a lot of problems with this change.

They also stated in the post about changes in the Gateway. We cannot phyiscally see anything different, except for the Facebook connect button. If someone does notice changes, please comment below.

We can’t wait to see the other features Pottermore will be adding over the coming weeks! They definitely made a step in the right direction this time with the sounds, so we wonder what else they have in store!

Comment below on what you think about the changes!


One response to “Pottermore back online with new changes

  1. The gateway doesn’t seem to be showing friend locations and activity anymore. And incidentally they added the paragraph about them anticipating technical difficulties. It wasn’t in the original posting this morning when Pottermore tweeted the entry.

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