Interesting things we found on Pottermore

When we were snooping around the Pottermore site tonight, we found some interesting things and new information that could answer some beta testers’ questions. We have listed all of our findings below, along with where we got our information. Remember that all the information is available to the public as well, as we are just reporting on it so more people will know about it.

  • In the future Pottermore may become available “through a number of digital channels or devices”. – Privacy Policy, “Introduction”.
  • Through Pottermore, Sony will be able to introduce future and current generations of Harry Potter fans to products and services beyond their imagination. -Help, “Other”

Our thoughts: Over the last few updates on the Pottermore Insider, the team has referred to the site as, not just simply as Pottermore. Again this appeared on the newly opened Pottermore Shop. This could be a hint that they plan to make it available in other ways. Apps? Software? Books? Who knows?! But what we do know is that Pottermore can currently only be experienced through the site, and that this could change in the near future.

Our minds started to wander and wonder when we read the second bullet, too. What will these products and services be?

  • “As further books’ storylines are added, new features and functionality will be introduced too.” -Help, “Other”
Our thoughts: The icons and features seen across your gateway banner will not the only features on the site. Features will enhance the Pottermore experience and incorporate future story lines in a way unimaginable. 😉
  • Users will be supplied with more Galleons when Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is unlocked. -Help, “Money and Buying items”
Our thoughts: This has been a popular FAQ among fans and the answer is very clearly clarified on the site. We think that if you receive another Galleons allowance when Chamber of Secrets becomes available then this will probably be true with every book.

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