Pottermore homepage changes

Over the past week, Pottermore has made some noticeable changes to their homepage. First off, they have changed the information in the center part of the page (under the Pottermore logo). It now reads Pottermore’s new launch date, early April.Another change is that they have added a link to the Pottermore Shop on the bottom right corner, under the description. The banner will serve as an easy way to access the shop. Finally, they have added a video to the page as a sneak peek preview of the Pottermore experience to awaiting fans. These changes come only days away from the opening of the site. It looks like Pottermore is putting the finishing touches to the site before it goes live to the public.

We posted this on our Facebook and Google+ pages, and we thought you might like to have something to think about..

Where exactly is the cut for early April? We expected it to be done before Easter, but a few days time does not seem like enough for the Pottermore team to prepare the site to the public, especially if they still want to do some work to it. Perhaps April 15 is a good cut off, as it is the halfway mark of the month.

We think that it is very likely that the site will go offline one final time before they launch the site.

Any thoughts? Comments?


2 responses to “Pottermore homepage changes

  1. I slightly suspect the site will be taken down for at least 24 hours before the opening and then reopened to everyone. They will need to take down all the Beta buttons etc.

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