Introducing… Pottermore Tutorials!

We are pleased to announced that we will begin filming tutorials for Pottermore!

After the cancellation of OwlTV, we knew that our YouTube page would become a little bare. Because of this, we decided on starting a new tutorial series to guide viewers through Pottermore.

We started with chapter one, and the video is now on YouTube. After this tutorial, videos will be uploaded subsequently every Tuesday and Thursday until we reach the end of the first story. We will be continuing with the series on Tuesday, April 16.

Until then, you may use our guide, An Experience Guide to Pottermore: Volume One – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in which we go moment-by-moment through the Pottermore journey. We are currently updating the information. If you would like, you may friend us on Pottermore. Our username is SnidgetBlood23048.

We hope everyone is enjoying Pottermore! In the comments below, tell us what you find is most exciting on the site.

You can view our tutorial to chapter one here.


10 responses to “Introducing… Pottermore Tutorials!

      • Look on the right side of your heading (eight padlocks at the top of the site) and find the “Friends” padlock. It is between the “Potions” and “Favorites” padlocks. Then click on the “Friends” lock, where you will be directed to a page with all of your friends. You will see a “Find Friends” tab at the top, below the title. Search for a friend’s username by typing it into the search bar and clicking “Find Friends”. Then, your friend’s profile will come up, and all you have to click is “Add Friend” and it will do just that!

        Good Luck!

  1. Besides my surprise at being Sorted into Gryffindor when I’d always thought I’d be more suited in Hufflepuff, or especially Ravenclaw, and my frustration at brewing potions, the whole experience almost feels real, which is what makes the whole experience so exciting!

  2. has there been any reports about problem signing in to Pottermore site using public internet access or through internet cafes?

  3. I’m already in Pottermore but I can’t go beyond Chapter 4. My Chapter 5 still says any friends and no explore chapter. May I know why I can’t access to this chapter? I haven’t been sorted yet so would you also please help me how to do that? I’ll be doing what you told Joy about having friends. That was also one of my questions. I have several yet but those can wait. I just found your website today by accident and it is sooo informative. Thank you so much for your help!

    • I think the best thing that you can do is either 1) Write to Pottermore, which you can do by going to the help section, other, what’s next and then the Need more help part of that. 2) Create a new account. If you’re are only on chapter 4, it doesn’t seem like it would be a problem to make a new account.

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