Pottermore chief technology officer reveals interesting information in new interview

In a recent interview with Internet Retailing, Pottermore’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Julian Thomas revealed new information about the launch of Pottermore, the shop, social media, and the future of Pottermore.

S0me excerpts from the interview:

We didn’t pre-announce [the launch] – it was switched on, followed by a tweet, because the brand speaks for itself.

It took about three to four months to deliver the [Pottermore Shop], which given the the complexity of what we’ve done – even the first initial launch had sterling, dollars and euros to accommodate the Irish markets as well – is pretty impressive.

Pottermore is a social network in itself to an extent but our audience is out in other places. We have a very active social media strategy. We have a very broad audience that stretches from 8 to 80 – because of that we’re very mindful of what we do in the social media space…. We have used Twitter and will be using Facebook more. As we move out of the initial launch period where we’ve soaked up a big chunk of demand for these books, we will be adopting an emarketing approach that will include social media.

Jo holds exclusive rights around the digital product and we’ll be looking to release enhanced ebooks, it has the potential to reinvent the enhanced ebook.en

This is the latest interview from a Pottermore insider and it proved to be a very successful one, too. Hopefully we will receive more news about enhanced books and the future of Pottermore.com and the Pottermore Shop over the coming months.


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