More information about Sony’s Wonderbook and the ‘Book of Spells’

In a recent article, a tech blog has released their interview with the president of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andy House. In the interview, House explains how the Wonderbook came about and also cleared up some questions that many fans have been asking.

In the beginning of the article, it clearly states that the Wonderbook will be priced at only $40, bundled with the Book of Spells. You will not have to buy the individual book, only the electronic devices. It will hit store shelves later in the year.

From the Tech blog article (answers from Andy House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment):

The next step was to bring it (Wonderbook) to the attention of J.K. Rowling and she became very enthusiastic. She was marvellous in guiding us in a certain direction. Her view was that text is important and and that informed Book of Spells, we wanted to have this really interesting interaction with text itself so you’re getting children to enjoy the reading experience and getting something magical out of that.

The fact that Ms Rowling has become enthusiastic about it to the degree that she’s now creating new content is a great testament to the strength of what we’ve achieved.

Hopefully this article clears up some misconceptions about the Wonderbook and Book of Spells, and hopefully answered some questions. I know it definitely was a clarification for me.


One response to “More information about Sony’s Wonderbook and the ‘Book of Spells’

  1. One of my followers on twitter calculated it and for everything, including the PS3 it would be $410. But if you already have the PS3 it is much cheaper, about $120. There is an $80 bundle with the move and the eye camera in it, then the $40 for the book/game combo. Kind of makes me wish I owned a PS3. Hehehe.

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