Pottermore announces results of the Wizard Sweets poll

Just as scheduled, the Pottermore Insider announced the results of their Wizard Sweets poll.

From the Insider post:

We asked you, if you could board the Hogwarts Express, what would you choose to buy from the food trolley? More than 33,000 of Pottermore fans voted and we’ve got the tasty results!

Winning by a significant margin, Chocolate Frogs was your wizard sweet of choice by 44.5%. Check out the results to see what other goodies came as your favourites.

The post included a graph showing the results. The graph read:

Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans – 23.9% – 7,942

Droobles Best Blowing Gum – 5.0% – 1,650

Chocolate Frogs – 44.5% – 14,767

Pumpkin Pasties – 9.5% – 3,138

Cauldron Cakes – 12.3% – 4,098

Liquorice Wands – 4.9% – 1,611

On the other hand, Pottermore is continuing to routinely update us on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets progress. Yesterday, they announced that they were finalizing artwork for Chapter Fourteen. We have added a widget on the right side of our site where you are able to read all the latest Chamber of Secrets updates.


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