Pottermore announces the Pottermore House Cup is coming up, introduces house noticeboards

To much excitement among fans, Pottermore announced today that the Pottermore House Cup will be awarded soon. They also introduced a new community functionality, noticeboards. The noticeboards can be found in every House’s Common Room, below the top information. It will be used to share the latest house news. In the post, Pottermore encouraged readers to use this new function as a way to keep up with the news “as we begin the countdown to the announcement of the Pottermore House Cup winner”.

Pottermore students have been working hard on their potion-making and duelling skills to earn house points for their respective houses.

Those points have been gathering and, with the numbers building up to impressive heights, we can now announce that the Pottermore House Cup will be awarded soon!

The house with the greatest number of points will win the Pottermore House Cup, so keep up the duelling and brewing!

We’ll be posting updates regarding the Pottermore House Cup both on the Insider and on the Pottermore Gateway, but also somewhere else… [Noticeboards]

Though they did not give a specific date for the announcement of the winner, we suspect that it will be sometime at the end of the month, as the awarding of the House Cup takes place in the book.

All this news comes right after Pottermore passed 3 million students. (Wow!)

As promised by the Pottermore CEO, Pottermore is introducing new community functionalities. Pottermore’s newly-hired community manager (@ninja_bytes on Twitter) must have been working hard on this project. She tweeted this message this morning following the announcement:

It is clear that she is having fun with the job and that she is enjoying it! She is also getting things done, which is a good sign, especially because she was just joined the team at the beginning of the month.. Pottermore definitely found the right fit!

On a totally different note, Happy Release Day for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! The book that changed everything (in the Wizarding and Muggle world) was released today nine years ago. You can tweet us your thoughts about it on Twitter by using the hashtag #9yearsOotP!


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