Pottermore Feature of the Week: Nicolas Flamel

This week, after a few weeks absence, we are bringing back our Pottermore Feature of the Week. Unfortunately, busyness and vacation got the best of us. Nevertheless, we are back with a new entry to discuss!

We chose J.K. Rowling’s entry on Nicolas Flamel as our feature this week. You can read an excerpt below.

From ‘Nicolas Flamel’:

Nicolas Flamel was a real person. I read about him in my early twenties when I came across one of the versions of his life story. It told how he had bought a mysterious book called The Book of Abraham the Jew, which was full of strange symbols and which Flamel realised were instructions on alchemy. The story went that he subsequently made it his life’s work to produce the Philosopher’s Stone.

The real Flamel was a wealthy businessman and a noted philanthropist. There are streets in Paris named after him and his wife, Perenelle.

In this entry, we are given general information about the real Nicolas Flamel. Arguably, the real Nicolas Flamel was virtually unheard of before the efforts of J.K. Rowling and Michael Scott’s series ‘The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel’, and his accomplishments were long lost in the history books. Since the books have been published, Nicolas Flamel has enjoyed somewhat of a posthumous fame. When you Google his name, a wealth of information is provided, revealing the very interesting life of the alchemist. You can also learn of his work on the philosopher’s stone, also a real substance.

We think the ending of this entry is the more interesting part, specifically because Rowling tells of a dream she experienced revolving around Nicolas Flamel:

I remember having a highly detailed and exceptionally vivid dream about Flamel, several months into the writing of Philosopher’s Stone, which was like a renaissance painting come to life. Flamel was leading me around his cluttered laboratory, which was bathed in golden light, and showing me exactly how to make the Stone (I wish I could remember how to do it).

It would have been pretty cool if she remembered the dream! Too bad…

We read some of the comments below the entry, and decided to share some with you:

“Too bad about that dream JKR, but I think you’ve still found both your Philosopher’s Stone and your Elixir of Life. :)”

“this stone is interesting, but you would have to use it all the time”

“That would be such a cool dream!”

“that is so amazing. You are so clever and inspiring and brilliant J.K.Rowling- and also you Flamel!”

Comments courtesy of SnidgetAsphodel6278, MahoganyScarlet16997, MoonLumos27833 and RoseCharm18340.

To get caught up, we will be featuring another entry tomorrow. Watch out on our Twitter page for more information.


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