Pottermore reveals a new Great Hall for the House Cup announcement

There are only six days left until Pottermore announces the winner of the House Cup competition; a competition that has left the house points fluctuating to numbers no one really expected.

Today, in honor of the House Cup, Pottermore renovated the Great Hall, adding features that made the competition even more exciting!

The changes to the Great Hall include:

  • Covering the House point hourglasses with curtains to hide the winner (or the loser)
  • Banners have been placed at the top of the page, with the center banner titled ‘THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON’.. Candles have also been placed between the four house banners and the House Cup banners at the top.
  • Above that statement, you can see the Pottermore House Cup, which appears to be gray, but it could change to be the signature color of the winner
  • The number of house points each house has earned (under the hour-glasses) has been concealed, revealing only the last three numbers.

In a note on the House noticeboards, Pottermore explained that even though the point values are concealed, you are still able to earn points for your house.

All the changes add a beautiful touch to the room with the rich color and even  but unfortunately they are temporary and the Great Hall will go back looking the same way after the winner of the House Cup is announced.

Remember, the winner of the Pottermore House Cup competition will be revealed on Thursday, July 5. Pottermore has confirmed that after this announcement, there will be an update on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.


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