Pottermore Feature of the Week: Wand Woods

As we explained yesterday, this week we will be catching up on the backlog of Pottermore Feature of the Week posts. Yesterday, we discussed J.K. Rowling’s entry on Nicolas Flamel. Today, we are discussing one of the interesting of the new content: Wand Woods.

We chose J.K. Rowling’s exclusive content entry on Wand Woods for our Pottermore feature today because we think its a fascinating piece of writing. It also shows an amazing side of J.K. Rowling. The entry really shows the amount of research she did during writing the series, clearly wanting information like symbols and objects (and wand woods, of course) to be as factual as the fiction in the fantasy story. With descriptions on thirty-eight real-life species of trees, her efforts for truth is undeniable. She is mixing pure facts with high fiction, creating a whole different kind of Mythology.

Off with the facts – lets talk about the fiction! Most obvious of all, this entry gives you a real sense of her wide imagination. Her mind is like a cauldron, brewing up different ideas, traditions, stories and whatnot. The mixture of the pure facts and high fiction is simply perfect, a rare incident when mixing fact with fiction.

An example of this is the Yew tree’s wood. First read Rowling’s description of the tree, then this analysis of the Yew tree in mythology and folklore, and finally the Wikipedia article on Yew. Notice that they say some of the same things. The information is consistent.

We asked you on Twitter what you thought of the entry, and here’s what you had to say:

Thanks to both of you who tweeted!

We will be announcing tomorrow’s Pottermore feature on our Twitter page.


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