Pottermore opens first chapters Chamber of Secrets to Slytherin House

Today, at about 10:00 am EST, Pottermore launched the first four chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to Slytherin House. Remember, Slytherin House is the first to gain early access to Pottermore as it was the bonus for winning the House Cup.

The launch came with no mention from the @Pottermore Twitter account or the Insider, but Pottermore News was there to report about the second book experience.

If you have been following our Twitter, you will know that we have been live tweeting our experience through the second book. Here are our observations:

  • The artwork is exquisite. Its looks very realistic. Also, the artwork looks different from the first book – but so much better.
  • The artwork in this book looks less like a painting, and more realistic. You feel as though you are in the Dursley’s house, in Flourish and Blotts, flying over the Burrow…
  • The layering in this book is different. Again, its more realistic. Its almost as if whenever you zoom in, your given a wider view. When all of the layers are put together, you have a full panoramic view of the setting. It’s as if you are exploring with your own eyes.
  • I collected a jar of honey, said to be going to my Potions collection. This may hint that they will be releasing new Potions.
  • Pottermore confirmed that there are four cauldrons to collect. They added a silver one today, but you can’t purchase it just yet.
  • In the first four chapters, there are three mini-games. One involving the pudding, another with the Gnomes, and then the last one is about the Hogwarts letters.
  • There are a two Chocolate Frog Cards to collect. We have been told there are three, and we are still looking.
  • J.K. Rowling has written two entries so far for book two, “Technology” and “The Malfoy and Family”. Both are very interesting. A great read.

One thing that’s really sets this book apart from the first book is that this book is driven by interactivity. The first book was really about the content and getting familiar with this online wizarding world. Now that Pottermore is a familiarity, the team took note of that and decided to put all effort into the games and interactive features. It’s a huge step-up.

There are a lot of changes going on at Pottermore at the moment. Read this post for all information on the changes and predictions for Pottermore’s reasoning.

Through the night we will be working on a comprehensive guide for the first four chapters. If you are in another house and waiting for Chamber of Secrets, you can use this guide for help tomorrow. We plan to post it around 8am on our Tumblr page.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will be available to everyone beginning tomorrow. Pottermore has stated that the next chapters they will be releasing are chapters five through eleven. Those will be available ‘shortly’.


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