Pottermore opens Chamber of Secrets to all

Today, Pottermore released the first four chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to all of Pottermore. This release follows yesterday’s release to Slytherin House, who gained 24-hour early access to the new book for winning the House Cup.

This release came with a tweet and an Insider post, contrary to yesterday’s release which came with a notification on Pottermore. In the post, they announced that the book would  be released three parts, with the next batch of chapters available in the coming weeks. They will be releasing chapters five through (meaning including) eleven next, and then twelve to eighteen after that.

Pottermore also commented that ‘all Pottermore students will be able to purchase their second year school books from Diagon Alley, as of tomorrow.’ We’ll be sure to report it on our Twitter and later on here whenever it becomes available. This will likely occur between 6am-11am EST.

Over the morning, we have been working on some guides for the chapters on Pottermore. If you are having some trouble with a moment or cannot find a chocolate frog card, you can use these guides to help you. The list is below.

Guide to Book Two: Chapter One – The Worst Birthday

Guide to Book Two: Chapter Two- Dobby’s Warning

Guide to Book Two: Chapter Three- The Burrow

Guide to Book Two: Chapter Four- At Flourish and Blotts

Speaking of guides, we will be making an announcement about our experience guides soon, so be sure to check back in a few days. We’re planning on doing something totally different and a lot easier for us, but most importantly, for you.


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