Pottermore re-launches their Facebook page

Pottermore re-launched their Facebook page today.

A few days ago we noticed that the Pottermore Facebook page was non-existent, with facebook.com/pottermore leading to the Facebook homepage. We predicted that they could be re-launching their Facebook page, and today they did just that.

From the Insider post:

The Pottermore Facebook page is a place for all Pottermore fans aged 13 and over to follow the latest Pottermore news, updates and information.

We hope to cultivate a vibrant, friendly and fun Facebook community and look forward to posting Pottermore material that everyone can share, comment on and discuss.

In their first Facebook post, they repeated most of the Insider post and encouraged everyone to “share and comment on their Pottermore experience,” and aded a promotion for Pottermore. They also integrated the Facebook’s timeline-design into their page, adding every event in Pottermore’s history including the opening of the Pottermore shop and the Pottermore preview. However, there was not any notice of the Beta extension, perhaps a sign that they are trying to move on from that dreadful phase.

Judging by the comments, it looks like many new students will be arriving at Pottermore. The fans that forgot about Pottermore from last year are now coming back to the site because of a post that popped-up on their newsfeed. It was definitely a good idea and successful method to re-introduce Pottermore to those who had forgotten the site.

The Pottermore CTO said last month that they wanted to start using Facebook again. Well, they can check that off the list.


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