New comments add to the speculation over a new J.K. Rowling documentary

 James Runcie, the presumed director of the new J.K. Rowling film, produced the 2007 documentary that chronicled Rowling’s life during the writing and publication of Deathly Hallows. The title card of that film is shown above.

Over the past few weeks a rumor has been making its way across the web that a new film centered around J.K. Rowling would be released. New comments made by documentary filmmaker James Runcie and his representatives are adding to the speculation and making it all the more mysterious.

Recently, when J.K. Rowling’s two upcoming promotional events for The Casual Vacancy were announced, Runcie tweeted this:

The last part of the tweet – “film news soon” – sparked the rumor. To us it suggested that a documentary centered around J.K. Rowling and her new book would be released. This was the case with James Runcie’s 2007 documentary “J.K. Rowling: A Year in the Life”, which chronicled Rowling’s life during the writing and publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

We sought for truth in the rumor, so we contacted Runcie over Twitter and emailed his representatives.

When asked about a J.K. Rowling documentary, Runcie replied to us over Twitter with this comment:

As you can see, Runcie will not comment on the speculation. His comment is very mysterious, as if he is witholding information. To us it seems as though he is hinting that there is something in the works. However, in our opinion his comment makes sense when put together with his representative’s.

We reached out to his rep asking for some clarity in the statement to which they replied:

James has signed a confidentiality agreement and news will be announced before publication.

When you put the two together you know one thing for certain – something else involving him and Rowling, other than the appearance at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, is happening. Why would he have to sign a confidentiality agreement if not? We can speculate that this ‘something’ could very well be a film because of his original comment.

You can see that this is becoming a bigger mystery than it was because of these new comments. Both merely feed to the speculation, and no one is commenting on matter. Until the ‘news’ is announced, we will be speculating on the subject.

Please know that all of our predictions are only a fan’s speculation. Nothing should be taken as official until the publishers make an official announcement. We will be sure to have that announcement for you once it comes, so stick with us for all the latest on this developing story.


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