Pottermore announces second Pottermore House Cup; to be awarded in November

Pottermore announced today that the next Pottermore House Cup has been set and will be awarded this November. They didn’t announce any more details other than that – not even an exact date (they said it will be confirmed nearer the time).

However, they did share some vague details about the prize. We know that it will be different than the previous one in July, in which case Slytherin, the winner, received early access to the opening chapters of Chamber of Secrets. In the post they explained that further details on the prize will be announced at a later date. We suspect it will be a new feature – perhaps a sneak peek at the last padlock atop the gateway? Quidditch, or even a messaging-type feature could be the prize… It will be interesting to see what the winner will receive.

They also announced another House Pride Week for Twitter and Facebook, where users will be able to display their house pride by tweeting and posting comments of appreciation for their house. Is it just me, or is any one else getting bored with these House Pride Week’s?

The news came as a bit of a surprise to some, as many believed that the Pottermore House Cup would be awarded annually. With this schedule, we think that there will probably be a competition four times a year, during winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

With this announcement, we can predict that all of Chamber of Secrets will be available by the next Pottermore House Cup (as expected).

Read the full post via the Pottermore Insider here.


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