Updated: Tickets for J.K. Rowling’s New York event for ‘The Casual Vacancy’ go on sale early, sell out

This will be J.K. Rowling’s first New York event in six years.

Tickets for J.K. Rowling’s appearance at Jazz at Lincoln Center in October were leaked online late Sunday night, rather than Monday morning, when they were expected. This leak has caused an uproar amongst fans who did not get tickets because of the leak, and now those who received their tickets early.

Though most of you know what happened, for those who don’t know the whole story we will explain. At around 10pm ET Sunday night, fans in-line at the Jazz at Lincoln Center box office noticed the tickets were on sale on the website. Excited by their discovery, the fans sent the link of where you can buy the tickets to Harry Potter fan sites. This is when everyone pretty much found out about it, including yours truly. These online tickets nearly sold out until Jazz at Lincoln Center realized the problem and fixed it.

At 10am Monday morning, the rest of the tickets went on sale, as expected. These tickets sold out in a matter of minutes. Hundreds of calls were made to the box office at Lincoln Center, thousands tried to get them online, and many were waiting for them outside the Jazz at Lincoln Center box office.

Now the fate of the leaked ticket holders rest in the hands of Jazz at Lincoln Center. The huge question is, Will they honor the leaked tickets? Conflicting reports have been flying around.

Here’s what happened when a local New York source spoke with the box office:

Update as of 5:15 pm, confirmed in-person at the box office: Tickets given during the glitch last night will not be honored. They will start printing tomorrow. If you chose to pick them up at the box office, they will be available then. J.K. Rowling WILL be signing your books at the event; one will be distributed to each guest before the performance, unsigned.

However, when we called the box office around 6:30pm, they said that it is still undecided, because they (we’re guessing Jazz at Lincoln Center execs) did not reach a decision by 5pm. They also said that those who bought their tickets Sunday night should be expecting an email on Tuesday which will confirm whether or not your tickets will be honored.

UPDATE (9/11 @ 5:11pm):

The Jazz at Lincoln Center box office has confirmed that they have reached a decision concerning the ticket mishap. The J.K. Rowling event will be moved to a different venue that is able to hold a much larger audience. The David H. Koch Theater, a venue with space for 2,500 people, will be hosting the event instead of Frederick Rose Hall, which only could hold 1,100 people. This means that all tickets bought, whether on Sunday night or Monday morning, will be honored.

The representative at the box office we talked to told us that Jazz at Lincoln Center will be making a more formal announcement about the change in venue, along with informing all tickets buyers about their tickets.

This story is developing…


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