Pottermore revamps user profiles, adding statuses and new badges

One of the new badges on Pottermore is the Lock Pick Badge, collected once you explore chapter 5.

Along with the release of the next chapters of Chamber of Secrets, Pottermore revamped all user profiles by adding a status function and (at least) two new badges.

The new status function is the greatest change to profiles. It’s the same type of feature you would find on Facebook and Twitter. From what we know from just looking at it, a status can be up to 140 characters and users can report a status if they find it offensive. Right now you cannot like a status, but we see them adding that capability in the near future.

The ability to make a status is a very exciting new addition to profiles, as it was something that fans have been waiting to see. To us it’s a clear sign that Pottermore is listening to their users and fans.

In addition to the new status capability, Pottermore added two new badges to user profiles. The first is called the Lock-Picker badge. You can earn it by using the hairpin to unlock the cupboard and collecting the Chocolate Frog Card. Because we don’t virtually do this in the experience, you receive it if you complete Chapter 5, Moment 1.

The second new badge is the Galleon badge. Users can earn it by collecting 25 Galleons throughout the story. Watch out in these next batch of chapters for them – you can collect 5 in a single moment!

We hope you are all enjoying the new profile features and chapters five-eleven of Chamber of Secrets! More changes and chapters will be here before you know it!


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