J.K. Rowling says she could write a “director’s cut” of the Harry Potter books

J.K. Rowling was featured on the BBC this morning in an interview with Will Gompert. In the interview, the two discussed her new book, writing for adults, and whether or not there will be a sequel for The Casual Vacancy.

On choosing Little, Brown & Co. as her publishers, Rowling said that she made the decision after meeting with her editor, David Shelley. They apparently had a “very interesting” conversation before Rowling even presented the idea of a book for adults to him. As Rowling describes it, Shelley said things that meant he understood “exactly why I was writing it and what I was doing.”

Rowling also said that she hoped they made it clear enough that the book is not for children.

I’ve been very open about what the themes are, we’ve talked about what the story’s about. I would have thought that parents can make a very clear choice… I would have to ask why have kids got such untrammelled access to the internet that they are downloading… Well, I would be more worried about other things they could be downloading if they’re running amok on the internet on their own.

When asked about the creation of the story and the writing of the book, Rowling had this to say:

I did, really [do a lot of research for the book]. I always know way more than I need to know. I have backstory on every character that I didn’t need. And, in fact, some of it was in the novel and I took it out. I just need to know much more than the reader does.

As for a Casual Vacancy sequel…

No, she said with enormous relief, this is definitely a stand-alone book. I loved writing it but it’s a discrete story, it’s done. I’m not keen to leap into another series.

The most interesting revelation, at least for Potter fans, came when Rowling was asked if she ever felt that she published a book too soon. Her answer to that question was yes, and that she felt a couple of the Potter books, needed another year to write. She even went as far to say that she feels tempted to write a “director’s cut” of the books. (!!!!) She didn’t elaborate on the comment much, but said that the two books that needed treatment were one at the end and one at the beginning.

The question is; If “director’s cut” editions of the books were released, would you read them?

We would, there’s no question about it, and we know a lot of fans would too, depending on what information would be released. It could also depend on the books that would be re-released.

You can read more of the interview here and watch a video of it. If you would like to read Gompert’s blog entry for the interview (in which he describes Jo’s laugh as “bawdy and infectious”), click here.


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