J.K. Rowling’s official site updated

J.K. Rowling’s landing page looked like this until today.

With the release of her new book, J.K. Rowling’s official site has been updated with some new features and differences.

First off, they made some noticeable differences to the Timeline section of the site. They’ve added a two new “events”, if you will, to the timeline. One is called “Press & Media for The Casual Vacancy”, and the other one marks publication of The Casual Vacancy. They’ve also added a blurb on the site that highlights the latest news and newly added events on JKRowling.com. A new link to her Facebook page has been added to the lower right-hand corner. A search bar tool has also been added to the site, and can be accessed by clicking the microscope in the top right corner.

Some changes have also been made to certain sections of the site. Instead of having two separate pages for Harry Potter and The Casual Vacancy, they have decided to condense it into one. Information about all of J.K. Rowling’s published books can be found under “Works”. They have also added a link to J.K. Rowling’s Facebook page in the FAQ/Rumors tab under J.K. Rowling.

The whole site got a complete color makeover, going from light green to magenta and gray. We have noticed that her Facebook page’s cover photo is set in these colors, too.

Coinciding with these updates, the website has released a newsletter announcing the publication of The Casual Vacancy. J.K. Rowling also tweeted today, saying, “I am delighted that my new novel for adults is published today.” Not much, but still a tweet. And it looks like we won’t be hearing her until a long time after this.


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