Roundup of J.K. Rowling’s ‘Casual Vacancy’ Interviews

J.K. Rowling has done a number of interviews over the past week in promotion of The Casual Vacancy. She’s done so many interviews that it’s been hard to keep up! Because we didn’t want you to miss any of it, we’ve compiled a list of all the interviews Rowling has done for the new book. You can view the list below. We’ve also included some highlights from the interview.

Print Media:

The Guardian (UK) – Talks Fifty Shades of Grey, meeting Barack Obama, and the political fairytale she spoke of a few years ago

USA Today (US) – Discusses the possibility of a film adaptation of ‘The Casual Vacancy’, Pottermore, and appearing at the Olympics

The New Yorker (US) – The working title for The Casual Vacancy and Jo’s writing process for the novel is revealed


“Writing For Grown-Ups: A Culture Show Special” (UK) – Reads from the novel, discusses its theme

“Life After Harry Potter” (AUSTRALIA) Talks about Harry Potter (and life after finishing it), her children, more about the new novel

Second part of Good Morning America’s interview (US) – Reads the from the novel, more

BBC Breakfast Interview (UK) – Discusses feeling tempted to do a “director’s cut” of the Harry Potter books, the possibility of a sequel for ‘The Casual Vacancy’, and more

ABC News (1) (US) – Talks about finishing up the Harry Potter novels and failure

ABC News (2) (US) – Continuation of the other ABC interviews and dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Interview with Jennifer Byrne – aired on Australia’s ABC1

Highlights from Southbank Centre event in London (UK) – Highlights from J.K. Rowling’s publication event

Radio interview with NPR (US) – Talks about the themes of the book, writing the novel, her daughter’s reaction to the novel

Thanks to MuggleNet and Snitch Seeker for the links


One response to “Roundup of J.K. Rowling’s ‘Casual Vacancy’ Interviews

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