Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne talks at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne (above) spoke at the Frankfurt Book Fair on Monday.

As reported previously Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne spoke at the Frankfurt Book Fair on Monday to discuss Pottermore. Pottermore News was not in attendance, but has gathered a lot of interesting information from sources that were at the Fair – including the release date of the final chapters of Chamber of Secrets.

In his speech, Charlie Redmayne talked about how Pottermore can be used as a model for the future of digital publishing and how there are countless opportunities for the site and the Potter brand overall. He even went as far as to saying that they are exploring in-flight entertainment.

Here’s a part of his speech (via the book fair’s blog):

“Most publishers see digital publishing as creating e-books or, perhaps, enhanced e-books, but Pottermore looked at every single platform—e-books, browser-based experiences, social network, apps, game consoles, in-flight entertainment, YouTube, and educational platforms—to see if and how it could work for our brand,” said Redmayne.  “Publishers have often thought that filmmakers or gaming companies have the rights to the more valuable properties, but we have the rights to the stories and that has immense value.”

In bold you can see some of the opportunities currently being explored for Pottermore: “in-flight entertainment, YouTube, and educational platforms…” Does this mean we could be seeing Pottermore up in the air soon? We’re already seeing it in gaming form with Book of Spells and as an educational platform with the Harry Potter Reading Club. In his presentation that can be viewed here online, it states that “Apps” and “Connected TV” are also being developed for Pottermore.

Redmayne also shared that they are currently “building more interactive opportunities” on the site to maintain the high traffic they experience after every content release. This includes adding a new “Games” hub. The Games hub will become the last padlock on the top platform. They are also working with Warner Bros. “to deliver interactive content to the site”. Perhaps we could be seeing this “interactive content” in the Games hub.

Another topic Redmayne touched on was expanding the Pottermore Shop. In his presentation, it states that they are planning physical products to be sold through the shop, and adding enhanced e-books. Redmayne talked about adding these products at the London Book Fair in May, saying he expected them out in time for the holiday season.

Redmayne also spoke about launching the site in different languages. He said that Brazilian Portuguese language will be the next to be launched on Pottermore, and that they are “investigating the market potential for other eBook languages.”

One final thing we caught while exploring his presentation was that the final chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will launch later this month.


7 responses to “Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne talks at the Frankfurt Book Fair

  1. it certainly sounds interesting, but Youtube? I wonder how that’s going to work…
    btw, can’t help noticing, but you’ve spelt spoliers wrong in your header 🙂

    This looks like a really awesome site! First time I’ve seen it – but I’m new to the scene.

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