Pottermore announces second House Cup award date

Pottermore has announced that the second Pottermore House Cup will be awarded Wednesday, November 21.

They announced the House Cup in a post on the Pottermore Insider.

We’re pleased to reveal that the next Pottermore House Cup will be awarded on Wednesday, November 21st.

Help your house to victory by brewing potions found in Arsenius Jigger’s Magical Drafts and Potions and by challenging members of other houses to a duel.

Along with the House Cup, Pottermore announced that they will be kicking off the House Cup celebrations with House Pride Week, commencing next week. If you don’t know, during House Pride Week Pottermore invites its Twitter followers and Facebook fans to send prideful messages about their Hogwarts House.

From the Insider post:

To kick things off we’re starting our house pride week on Monday November 12th with a day dedicated to each of the four houses.

You’ll be able to take part in daily house polls, rouse your house with spirited messages and possibly get retweeted by us on Twitter.

Our house pride week will start off with Hufflepuff on Monday, followed by Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor, so get ready to cheer for your houses!

When they first announced the second House Cup in September, Pottermore said that the prize for winning the House Cup will not be Prisoner of Azkaban. Since then, users have been speculating that the prize could be anything from Wizards Chess to Quidditch. The most predicted is a combination of the two – a Games Hub full of new and old games for users to play. We’ll have to wait and see what the true prize is whenever it is announced!

So, Get ready for a fun-filled two weeks! Odds are that Slytherin will this House Cup, but Gryffindor could take the lead. What we do know is that this will be a very close competition indeed.

Let the brewing and dueling ensue!


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