Charlie Redmayne appears at the FutureBook Conference

Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne (above) spoke at the FutureBook Conference today

Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne (above) spoke at the FutureBook Conference today

As previously reported, earlier today Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne appeared at the 2012 FutureBook Conference in London.

Redmayne was a keynote speaker at the event and was there to discuss building brands and harnessing fan bases, something he believes publishers aren’t understanding. With this he discussed the ever-changing digital publishing industry and again talked about expanding Pottermore onto other platforms. Apparently he did rather well, as at least two users on Twitter praised him as the best speaker there.

Unfortunately Pottermore News was not present at the event, but we’ve been able to learn a lot from his speech from people at the event on Twitter. Here’s what we have gathered:

  • Pottermore will soon launch a collection of apps, a channel on YouTube and an inflight experience (Thanks Twitter user Laura Austin)
  • Redmayne: “Brand development is a proactive, strategic, planned undertaking. Not a two-week blitz each time a book comes out.” – This is definitely something we saw with Chamber of Secrets release
  • The new skill sets for digital book publishing are product development and marketing
  • Redmayne: Marketing needs to be focussed on building brands
  • Redmayne thinks that games, films, and e-books rights holders should work together to create multiplatform stories and ‘solutions’ that customers will buy – an act that is pioneered by Pottermore.
  • He believes Google will become a serious player in the e-book market in the future
  • Redmayne thinks publishers are better off now than they were three years ago
  • “Publishers need to step up and own creativity…” – Charlie Redmayne
  • ‘Digital opportunity is not just about ebooks – publishers need to drive creativity around storytelling.’ – Charlie Redmayne
  • Pottermore is not an e-book sales business, these only represent less than 40% of revenue as a business – the rest comes from apps, film, etc. – Interesting considering there is no Pottermore app…
  • According to Redmayne, Amazon ‘completely got it’ when Pottermore came to them with when it came to only offering e-books through Pottermore
  • Consumers are getting tired of being tied to “ecosystems” – they want their books everywhere Charlie Redmayne
  • Making content available on the platforms customers want is what reduces piracy.
  • Redmayne thinks that many brands and authors that can utilize what Pottermore has done, particularly seeing digital as more than ebooks

*Please note that all of these come from Twitter and most statements are paraphrasing what Redmayne actually said. We can assure you that our information comes from reliable sources.


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