New updates on Pottermore

Diagon Alley ChristmasPottermore made a few updates to the site today including increased Galleons and a new Winter theme.

First off, Pottermore has increased everyone’s Galleon count by 100. The Insider post read: “Whether you’re restocking your potions ingredients or splashing out on a new cauldron, these extra Galleons will help you stock up ahead of the next Pottermore House Cup.” Be sure to visit your Gringotts vault to see just how many Galleons you have.

The second update is that Pottermore revamped some of their sites today with a Winter theme. They’ve added some festive decorations to the Insider and their official Facebook and Twitter pages including a new themed logo – much like they did for Halloween. They’ve also changed Diagon Alley from it’s normalcy to a Winter scene with snow falling.

Finally, a white link bar has been added to the top of Pottermore pages that can be used to direct users from site to site. The sites being linked include the Insider, Shop, and main site.

Go visit Pottermore to check out the new updates! We personally love the new Diagon Alley! Do you?


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