Introducing video tutorial guides for Chamber of Secrets

Returning for a second season is our video guide tutorial series through the books on Pottermore. This “season” we will be working our way through Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Going chapter by chapter, we will be guiding viewers through the second book and all of its many obstacles, including 7 mini-games and a basilisk.

We have some new changes this time around. One of the major changes is that we have decided not to narrate these episodes. To narrate the videos is a very time consuming process and takes a long time to edit. Nevertheless, we have added subtitles, or notes, to guide you through the book. They are same as narrating the episodes only it is more sweet and to the point. This also cuts down on the length of episodes. Also, we’ve added the Pottermore theme music. You can hear that in the background of the episodes from the second onward.

Right now, you are able to watch walkthroughs for the first four chapters in the second book. Over the next week, we will be releasing tutorials for chapters 5-11. After the holidays, the remainder of the book will be released (chapters 12-18). Be sure to look out for them.

If you need help with the second book, be sure to start with the first episode, available for viewing here.


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