Pottermore improves commenting system

Pottermore made a minor but important update to the site this week.

The Pottermore Insider updated with a notice saying that they “recently improved the performance of commenting across the site.” As a result of this, users should now see their posts appear “almost immediately.”

We did test this to see if it works and it does! Commenting is now smoother and the comments really do pop up immediately, much like that on any social network, ex. Twitter. This new update will make conversing with other users easier and overall will improve the site.

This update is probably one that Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne was talking about in our interview with him last month. He had this to say about increasing user interactivity:

New developments for the community side of what we do will be coming. You will have seen some of these being implemented in recent months, enabling a level of communication. I think as we step forward we must be absolutely focused on safety, specifically child safety, because some of the people who use Pottermore are quite young, but at the same time we need to create a community and connect with the community and we are very aware of that.

Hopefully this is one of many improvements to be made in the coming months!


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