Pottermore at PlayStation Home now available


Explore Diagon Alley on Pottermore at PlayStation Home.

As previously reported, through the partnership between Sony and Pottermore, Pottermore would be available on PlayStation Home, PlayStation® 3’s “free virtual 3D gaming platform.” Today the Pottermore Insider announced that the interactive online experience is now available to play at PlayStation Home.

From the Insider post:

We’re very excited to announce that Pottermore at PlayStation Home is now available, so you can step inside Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express as your own customisable avatar.

You will also be able to enjoy four exclusive mini-games. Aboard the Hogwarts Express, approach the shady looking character at the end of the train carriage to take part in an illicit Wizard’s Duel.

Enter into one of the compartments and challenge your friends to a Pottermore quiz to test your knowledge.

As well as this, you can collect and share Pottermore Trading Cards throughout Pottermore at PlayStation Home, and round up enchanted books in the Book Herding mini-game.

You can see pictures of all these in action and a trailer for the game on the Insider.

Pottermore also reiterated what they said in their announcement post, in that they have two separate teams working on the experience for PlayStation Home and the online experience at Pottermore.com. They also discussed the future of the game by saying, “This experience will evolve over time to include more locations, new purchasable items and additional mini-games. As usual, you’ll be the first to know about any updates here on the Insider.

Will you be using Pottermore on PlayStation Home? Have you tried it out already today? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


2 responses to “Pottermore at PlayStation Home now available

  1. I don’t think its fair, I can’t afford a playstation and everything needed to go with it 😦 I think they should do a computer version, that would be more within my price range.

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