Official: New features coming to

Pottermore has announced that new features are coming to with the release of the final installment of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in the coming weeks.

Today in an Insider post, Pottermore announced that new features would come to the site when the concluding chapters of Prisoner of Azkaban are released in the coming weeks. Today they revealed one of those new features, the ‘Story Navigator.’

The Story Navigator will allow you to explore the available Moments in any order you desire.

The Story Navigator will allow you to explore the available Moments in any order you desire.
Image courtesy of Pottermore

The Story Navigator, the Insider post reads, will be an easier way to browse through the available Moments on, allowing users to jump to certain parts of the story .

From the Insider post:

For those who know the stories inside out, you might want to jump straight to parts of the books that you love the most, whether you’ve explored the Moments leading up to them or not. The Story Navigator will allow you to skip ahead to any Moment available on, giving you the freedom to explore them in any order you wish.

For those who would like to follow Harry’s story as it unfolds in the books, you will still be able to explore the Moments in the order they are presented to you – chapter by chapter, Moment by Moment.

This way, Pottermore is making itself more accommodating to all its audience, from new fans to old fans, a request by Pottermore fans from the start.

Pottermore says that this new feature will not affect the Moments; the way you explore them will be the same. They will be the same Moments, continuing to have multiple layers with collectible goodies and new writing from J.K. Rowling to be unlocked in each. All the Moments that you have not visited will appear to you in black and white, and those that you have explored will be shown in full color. “There will also be some markers to show you where to find J.K. Rowling‘s new writing and other interesting things in the Moments,” Pottermore writes.

Pottermore said that this only one of the new features coming to, and that more information will be released about the other features on the Insider over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Are you excited about these new changes? What do you think about the new ‘Story Navigator’? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.


One response to “Official: New features coming to

  1. I personally dislike this … sure, it’s great for those who want to go to certain moments right away, but from the image it looks like the whole moment is to be shown before you even get to it. Seems like a bit of a damper on all the fun. Maybe it’s just me and the old way at the start of each chapter the moment boxes were the same size, but I don’t know …

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