New Homepage coming to

The Pottermore Insider has announced that the coming weeks will not only bring the final chapters of Prisoner of Azkaban to, but a new Homepage as well.

In apparent conclusion of the recent updates, Pottermore has announced that this new Homepage will be a new way to follow the Moments, and will include a new Map “featuring areas where you can find and access all of the activities you regularly like to take part in, such as brewing potions, challenging students to duels, or shopping in Diagon Alley.” From what we can gather, it will be in place of the current Gateway homepage.

In the Insider post, Pottermore explained that users will use the new Story Navigator to explore Harry’s story. We previously reported on this in the last few weeks.

The Story Navigator

The Story Navigator

The post reads: “You can scroll through the available books on, browse through thumbnails of the Moments, and click on the ones you want to explore in full.”

A new Map will feature all the locations and activities from the Wizarding World that are currently available on the site, including Diagon Alley and Hogwarts locations like the Great Hall and your own house Common Room. “To access them you’ll simply need to click on your desired location on the Map,” the Insider writes.

The Map

The Map

Pottermore makes note that as the site evolves, more locations and activities will be added to the Map for you to discover and enjoy. (From the looks of it, it seems like this Map will be designed like the Maurader’s Map, and we’re pretty excited it!)

Because you will be able to access all of the locations and activities from the Map, the new “slim-line” Top Bar will display a summary of your profile and your recent activity.

From the Insider post:

As you collect items from the Moments you will see them being added to your Trunk in real time, and the most recent Badge you have collected will appear here along with your Owl Notifications and your House Crest (once you’ve been through the Sorting Ceremony).

Another addition will be the Side Bar feature. The Side Bar will be placed on the right-hand side of your screen and will contain updates and information “so you don’t miss out on anything new,” the Insider says.

The Side Bar is to the right of the moment.

The Side Bar is to the right of the moment.

From the post:

When you’re exploring a Moment from Harry’s story the Side Bar will house the ‘Read About’ content as well as a new ‘Related Moments’ feature, which will showcase thumbnails of Moments that include similar characters, locations or themes to the Moment you are currently exploring. Combined with the new commenting features, this will provide you with even more opportunity to locate and discuss your favorite things about the Harry Potter series.

Pottermore said there will be on-screen guidance to help you get used to the new Homepage.

Remember, the new features will be available once the final installment of Prisoner of Azkaban launches. Rest assured everyone, the wait is almost over…

What do you think about the new homepage and its features? Are you excited about them? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

All images courtesy of Pottermore. Thanks to Robert for the tip.


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