What’s new on Pottermore.com: Things to discover, re-visit, and explore

As you probably know by now, Pottermore made some major changes to the site. We first reported on this in June, and it was nice it all come to life yesterday. In this post we tell you what’s new, and some aspects you may want to re-visit.

FYI –The Pottermore Insider has summarized all the new features in a new post, so you can refer to that if you want to learn more.

The New Homepage

The New Homepage

The Homepage

Before signing-in, you will notice that Pottermore has re-done their homepage. On the new page, you can see what is new on Pottermore.com, what you can discover, and community news. At the bottom, you will see white boxes advertising the site’s features and so on.

Here you will a new exclusive content entry from J.K. Rowling. To find out more about the Quill of Acceptance and the Book of Admittance, click the box that says “Explore Harry’s Story”. Then, click “Try a Moment”, below the introduction. Then the box disappears and you are able to explore the Small Locked Tower of Hogwarts. (Anyone remember this from the Magical Quill Challenge??? Perhaps the part where  we get had our names placed in this book??) Zoom in once and unlock the entry by clicking the book in the center. Enjoy!

For new or potential users, you can try some of the site’s signature features without even signing up. This includes brewing a potion, casting a spell, or reading a sample J.K. Rowling entry from the site.

Contrary to what was initially reported, users cannot be sorted into a Hogwarts House or receive their Ollivanders wand without signing up. Therefore, to be sorted and get a wand, you need to sign up for the site.

Also contrary to the first reports, the “Who is Harry Potter” entry is less severe then what people thought. Many people feared it would interfere with their Pottermore experience to have new fans come in to the site who didn’t know who Harry Potter even was. Luckily for them, it does not detract from the experience but it is still a good introduction for those who do not know the series cover to cover. (For those who are wondering, the “Who is Harry Potter” page can be accessed by clicking on “The Harry Potter Stories” box on the bottom of the homepage.)

The Sign-In Homepage

In addition to launching the final chapters of Prisoner of AzkabanPottermore added to/changed some previous Moments. Here are the ones you may want to re-visit:

  • Harry and Hagrid Visit Gringotts – B1:C5:M2 – Enjoy the beautiful illustration of Gringotts, listen to an audiobook snippet, and collect a few things… Did you find the moldy dog biscuit?
  • Ollivanders – B1:C5:M3 – Explore the centuries-old wand shop on Pottermore, complete with a new artwork and more things to collect.
  • The Sorting Ceremony – B1:C7:M2 – Complete with Hogwarts House ghosts and some chocolate frogs to collect, the Great Hall is in its prime in this Moment.
  • Harry’s First Potion Lesson – B1:C8:M2 – There’s lots more to collect from Snape’s lair this time around…

That’s all the novelties that we found, but if you discovered something else, be sure to tell us in the comments below!

Are you enjoying the changes to the site? What do you like/dislike about them? Share with us in the comments below


2 responses to “What’s new on Pottermore.com: Things to discover, re-visit, and explore

  1. The duelling is truly awful. They’ve changed it loads! The scores you can get are much lower plus it keeps glitching. Does anyone know where I can contact PM to tell them about this?

    • Thanks for you comment. You can contact Pottermore by going to the “Help” section of the site, clicking “Other”, then “What’s Next” and then finally “Need More Help?”. There you will find a form you can fill-out and send to the site.

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