The Harry Potter Journey has been published!

The Harry Potter Journey: Volume One has been published.

The Harry Potter Journey: Volume One has been published.

Back in January we asked our readers to donate to the Harry Potter Journey fund, which would make the Harry Potter Journey website a book. With your help, that dream is now a reality, and The Harry Potter Journey: Volume One – The making of ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ is now published.

The Harry Potter Journey is an in-depth, page-turning narrative that traces the roots of Harry Potter, from the moment of conception to present day. Not only are readers exposed to the transformation of a manuscript, but also a person: a struggling single mother with a big idea, J.K. Rowling. Through the interviews of key figures and detailed research, the author takes us on the magnificent journey that is the making of the first Harry Potter novel. The book tells a really amazing and unforgettable story about the making of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and it is a must read for all Harry Potter fanatics.

If you want, you can purchase it at for $10, using a credit card or pay pal account.

This first volume covers the story of the first book, and the second volume will focus on Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban. A release date has not been announced yet for the second volume.

About the Harry Potter Journey:

For the past two years, the Harry Potter Journey has been an online visual history of the writing of the Harry Potter books. It shared the complete history behind the Harry Potter books, with different editions and collector’s items, and more. In 2013 it was published in the form of a book, and is available in e-book format.


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