Confirmed: ‘Potter’ producer David Heyman to produce ‘Fantastic Beasts’ film

David Heyman

David Heyman

It has been speculated over the past few weeks, and he has even hinted it himself, but it has now been confirmed: Harry Potter producer David Heyman will produce Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

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Heyman confirmed the news to MTV last night, while on a press tour for his upcoming film Gravity. The news isn’t really a surprise, as Heyman produced all eight Harry Potter films, meaning he would be well-associated with the Warner Bros. company and J.K. Rowling. We expect a formal announcement in the coming weeks.

With Heyman as producer and Rowling as screenwriter, Potter fans should feel very confident that this will be the best possible portrayal of the story and the Wizarding World. Heyman, a notable Potter fan, delivered the films greatly, and is responsible for discovering the first book for film. We learned Rowling would be writing the screenplay for the film in the initial announcement, and so we can be confident that nothing will be left out.

There is no release date on the project just yet, but we’ll keep you updated on the latest news in the coming weeks and months.

Tell us below: What do you think about Heyman producing? Do you think it will be a good fit?


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