Sony Sweepstakes: Win a PlayStation 3 and both Wonderbook games!

To celebrate the release of Wonderbook: Book of Potions, Sony are hosting a sweepstakes in which you can enter to win a PlayStation 3 bundle, with both Pottermore Wonderbook titles, Book of Spells and Book of Potions.

There are 31 bundles to win, and each bundle consists of: one PlayStation 3 250 GB, PlayStation Eye, PlayStation Move Motion Controller, a Wonderbook, and one copy of both Book of Spells and Book of Potions.

With Wonderbook, the world of Harry Potter comes to life in a way never seen before. Using the PlayStation Move Motion Controller and PlayStation Eye, players can immerse themselves in an augmented-reality experience.

About the games from the website:

Book of Spells:

Learn to cast spells just like a student at Hogwarts™, with Miranda Goshawk’s 200-year-old textbook. With new and exclusive writing from J.K. Rowling, you’ll master spells like Wingardium Leviosa and Engorgio, and read about the histories behind them.

Book of Potions:

Master powerful potions from the Harry Potter™ stories as you’re guided by Zygmunt Budge – a brand new character from the imagination of J.K. Rowling – to find out if you have what it takes to become a champion potioneer for Hogwarts™.

Remember, with PlayStation 3, you have access to the “online 3D environment” Pottermore at PlayStation Home where you can explore key locations from the Harry Potter stories, using your own customizable avatar. Shop at Diagon Alley, “board the Hogwarts Express, take part in a Wizard’s Duel, practice Charms at Hogwarts, fly through the Forbidden Forest in a broomstick race, and visit the enchanted Chessboard Chamber.”

To win all these in one bundle, you can enter sweepstakes right here. Offer ends December 2!


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