Pottermore Reveals Time-Lapse Goblet of Fire ‘Moment’ Video, Audio Clips about Gilderoy Lockhart at ‘A Celebration of Harry Potter’

Laptops in Orlando

The house-themed backgrounds that greeted Pottermore booth visitors at the event.

Over the past three days, Universal Studios in Orlando, Fl. has been hosting A Celebration of Harry Potteran all-ages event of pure fun that celebrates everything that is the wizarding world. In attendance were Evanna Lynch, James and Oliver Phelps, Matthew Lewis, and Mark Williams, who portrayed Luna Lovegood, Fred and George Weasley, Neville Longbottom, and Arthur Weasley, respectively.

As previously reported, Pottermore was involved with the Celebration, hosting its own booth and event. At their presentation, Pottermore’s Creative Director revealed a time-lapse video of the creation of a Pottermore Moment. From the drawing board to the final splashes of color, it shows the making of a Moment from the final installment of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on Pottermore.com, titled ‘Snape’s Dark Mark’ (from Chapter 36 of the book). You can watch the video below.

In addition to the video, the creative director also previewed three exclusive audio clips of J.K. Rowling giving a detailed account of the beaming, fraudulent Gilderoy Lockhart. In them, she discusses Lockhart’s family life and background, failed business endeavors, and the Sorting Hat’s first choice of house before it decided to put him in Ravenclaw. Rowling also examines today’s celebrity-championing culture, and shows a mischievous sense of humor as she candidly talks about the lavishness and overkill of celebrity.


Gilderoy Lockhart

For those of you who were unable to attend A Celebration of Harry Potter, don’t fret! The audio clips are available for exclusive early listening on EW.com and theguardian.com. The clips will also be making their way over to their permanent home at Pottermore.com in a few days. Keep your eyes open for notifications from Pottermore Owl, and check Pottermore.com frequently to see if they have been uploaded!

In the meantime, let’s give our warm birthday wishes to Gilderoy Lockhart, as he celebrated his 50th birthday just yesterday! From all of us at the Pottermore News team: we hope you are faring well at St. Mungo’s, Gilderoy, and, of course, remaining happy signing autographs and receiving fan mail and weekly letters from Ms. Gladys Gudgeon (though you are still not quite sure why)!

Please share your birthday wishes to Gilderoy Lockhart below!


Some fans at ‘A Celebration of Harry Potter’ wishing Gilderoy Lockhart a very happy birthday!

Images courtesy of Harry Potter Wiki and the Pottermore Insider.


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