Pottermore announces fifth Pottermore House Cup


Today, Pottermore announced that the fifth Pottermore House Cup competition is coming soon.

On Sunday, March 30, Pottermore will be naming the winner of the fifth Pottermore House Cup, awarded to the house with the most house points.

As with tradition, celebrations for the House Cup will include House Pride Week, during which a day is dedicated to each house for members’ to show their house pride on social networking sites.

This time around, however, they are encouraging Pottermore community members to create videos on Vine, Instagram, and YouTube, showing their House Pride. According to the Insider, “the video should include and continue the following phrase: “Hi Pottermore community, I am proud to be a Hufflepuff/Slytherin/Gryffindor/Ravenclaw because…”, and use one of the following tags: #SlytherinPride, #GryffindorPride, #HufflepuffPride, or #RavenclawPride.” More information will be released about this interaction on March 14.

Will you be sending in a video? Who do you want to win the Cup? As the Insider notes, this could be Ravenclaw’s time to shine, but Hufflepuff and Gryffindor could join the likes of Slytherin and win their second Cup. Or, the snakes could prevail once again for a third win! We shall see who is crowned winner in the coming weeks…

Learn more about the Sorting Hat from J.K. Rowling on Pottermore.com

Don’t forget — For those of you who have not been sorted can create a Pottermore.com account and head to the Great Hall to find out which house is best fit for you!


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