Pottermore announces winner of the fifth House Cup…

phc5As planned, on Sunday Pottermore announced the winner of the fifth House Cup competition.

And the winner is… Ravenclaw! Congratulations Eagles on a hard-earned win!

Here are the final standings:

1st Place: Ravenclaw  28,048,578 points

2nd Place: Slytherin – 27,795,479 points

3rd Place: Hufflepuff – 27,350,412 points

4th Place: Gryffindor – 27,299,570 points

This is Ravenclaw House’s first win, and it was a huge imrpovement, as they received last place in the previous tournament. Slytherin House came in second place for the third time, non consecutively, and Hufflepuff received second. This is the first time Gryffindor has placed fourth, but the gap between 3rd and 4th place was the smallest.

Pottermore has transformed the previously purple Great Hall banners into a rich royal blue, in honor of Ravenclaw winning the cup, . You can see how the Great Hall looks in the picture above.

Usually, winners of the House Cup receive a prize in reward, but there has been no word yet on what that prize will be for Ravenclaw. We suspect it will be the next installment of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, or even a Quidditch game, which is possible considering all the unpredictable news about the World Cup being released from J.K. Rowling. If any news is released about the prize for the Cup, we’ll be sure to bring it to you, so check back with Pottermore News for any updates.

As always, the announcement of a House Cup winner marks the start of the next competition. Good luck to all the houses in the sixth House Cup! (Can you believe it — number six?!)


One response to “Pottermore announces winner of the fifth House Cup…

  1. Wow, close fight! Was kind of hoping Slytherin took the cup for the third time. Haha! But I have a little Ravenclaw in me too, so I’m kind of glad no other house took its place..

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