Pottermore separates from Sony to start next stage of development

Image courtesy of Pottermore

Image courtesy of Pottermore

Pottermore has announced that they have ended their “successful relationship” with their “primary commercial partner,” Sony.

Unexpectedly, Pottermore announced the severance of ties with its founding partner in a press release this week.

On our part, we never would have expected this, considering the crucial role Sony has played in Pottermore’s development since its conception. The only reasoning we can gather is that Pottermore is ready to start an independent stage of their development, which is likely to entail a broadening expansion.

Whether Sony was holding Pottermore back from independence and expansion is unknown. The press release left no window into the reasons behind the separation, only stating that the relationship has “ended” and that the company is prepared to embark on their next phase of development.

You can read the CEO of Pottermore’s statements below; Sony has yet to make a statement.

Updated: Fansite SnitchSeeker reached out to Sony and Pottermore, and their responses are below, respectively.

A spokesperson from Pottermore told SnitchSeeker:

We are looking to explore new partnerships that will continue to help to develop the user experience in the areas of technology, creativity and commerce.

A rep from Sony spoke to SnitchSeeker about how the split would affect the site and products from the partnership. Their statement is below:

We will continue to sell our existing inventory of Wonderbook: Book of Spells and Wonderbook: Book of Potions, but will not produce any additional inventory. Anyone who owns Wonderbook will continue to receive customer service from Sony Computer Entertainment. Additionally, Pottermore at PlayStation Home will remain active for the foreseeable future and we will continue to provide customer support to its users.

Here is the full press release, issued Wednesday:

LONDON, ENGLAND, April 9, 2014 — Pottermore, the digital initiative from author J.K. Rowling devoted to the world of Harry Potter, today reported the conclusion of its successful relationship with its primary commercial partner Sony.

Pottermore.com launched in 2012 and has garnered millions of registered users. Sony was involved in the site’s development, and provided both commercial and creative support.

“After working together successfully, our relationship with Sony has ended,” said Susan L. Jurevics, CEO, Pottermore. “The partnership helped create a popular and robust digital experience for Harry Potter fans around the world. Pottermore is extremely well – positioned to build upon its success and enter its next phase in its development both creatively and commercially.”

As always, we will keep you updated with news if any is released.


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