J.K. Rowling to write more Quidditch World Cup reports as Ginny Weasley for Pottermore

qwc2014picPottermore announced Tuesday that new live reports from the Quidditch World Cup will be released every day over the next week, starting tomorrow.

Written by J.K. Rowling, they will be billed as reports from Quidditch correspondent Ginny Weasely, reporting live from the Patagonia Desert where the World Cup took place last month.

The Insider writes: “Starting tomorrow with the second match of the tournament, Nigeria versus Fiji, find out which teams will advance to the quarter-finals, and who will be heading home, in the latest editions of the Daily Prophet on Pottermore.com.

Last month J.K. Rowling published two live Quidditch World Cup reports on Pottermore.com, one chronicling troubles with the open ceremonies, and the other a report of the first match between Norway and Ivory Coast. Read about the entries here.

We will update you tomorrow and all this week with a summary of each of the reports, so be sure to check back for the latest.




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