Report of Game Three of Quidditch World Cup now on Pottermore

On Thursday Pottermore continued this week’s reports from the Quidditch World Cup with the release of Ginny Potter’s recap of the Cup’s third game between Haiti and Brazil.

J.K. Rowling, writing as Ginny Potter, writes that in the close game, one of the oldest rules in Quidditch was broken, leaving one of the teams disqualified.

The Pottermore Insider reports:

The brutal match between Brazil and Haiti resulted in a Keeper having their nose broken twice during the first sixty minutes of the match and an unfortunate disqualification for one team due to a breach of one of the oldest rules of Quidditch, which states: ‘Only the Seeker may capture the Snitch and any other player catching it will forfeit the game.’

Find out which team was disqualified in Ginny Potter’s report in today’s edition of the Daily Prophet on

Also, Pottermore has been keeping track of the Quidditch World Cup’s results in a bracket, much like a March Madness bracket for US college basketball. Here’s the updated bracket with today’s results:




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