Game Seven of Quidditch World Cup: Japan and Poland battle it out


It was the battle of the white and red in game seven of the Quidditch World Cup between Japan and Poland.

The game was reported for the Daily Prophet by Quidditch correspondent Ginny Potter (J.K. Rowling), writing live from the Patagonia Desert, where the games are taking place.

For just under an hour, Japan and Poland played a “tight, well-fought” game of Quidditch. The game ended in a large victory for one of the teams, one that boasts the wizarding world’s second best Beater duo.

Read today’s edition of the Prophet to find out the results of the first round’s penultimate game

The winner of the Japan – Poland match will play against Nigeria in the Cup’s semi finals. With these results, there is still one more game to go in the first round of the cup, between Germany and Wales.


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