Brazil and Wales play rough game in first quarter-final match of the Quidditch World Cup

qwcthumbOn Wednesday Pottermore released the Daily Prophet report on the first quarter-final game of the Quidditch World Cup, which was between Brazil and Wales.

J.K. Rowling, in the voice of her character Ginny Potter wrote of the match in her article for the Daily Prophet. It was a rough game for both sides, filled with “vicious fouls” and “violent behavior”. Throughout it all, the players withstood the distractions and played with enormous effort.

The Pottermore Insider writes:

The grudge between the two countries began during the early days of the tournament, when Brazilian manager José Barboza called the Welsh Chasers ‘talentless hags’, although he later claimed his remarks had been taken out of context.

Welsh manager Gwenog Jones, whom many believe is the reason behind the International Confederation of Wizards’ Quidditch Committee’s ban on ‘managerial trash talk’, today caused even more trouble for her team, and is currently in custody after her disruptive behaviour before and after the match.

Read today’s Prophet to find out what happened in the game and who prevailed as victor

Over the next week, Pottermore will be releasing Rowling’s quarter-final reports. They will be released on the following dates:

Friday June 6: Bulgaria versus Norway

Sunday June 8: USA versus Liechtenstein

Tuesday June 10: Japan versus Nigeria

Previously, the first round of the finals was chronicled in the Daily Prophet. You can read about those matches here.


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