Ludo Bagman adds his commentary on the Quidditch World Cup on Pottermore

In the run up to the Quidditch World Cup semi-finals later this week, former Quidditch player Ludo Bagman added his commentary on the competition through the Daily Prophet on

Writing in the voice of the infamous gambler Ludo Bagman, J.K. Rowling calculates the odds of each semi-finalist team succeeding to the final round of the Quidditch World Cup. The semi-finals kick off Friday July with USA facing Brazil, followed by the Japan versus Bulgaria game, which will take place on Sunday 6 July. You can visit on those dates to read Ginny Potter’s reports on the games.

Along with the new entry, Pottermore summarized Ludo’s thoughts in a really cool infographic, which you can see below (click for larger size).



You can read the complete article with Ludo Bagman’s commentary in today’s Daily Prophet on As the Pottermore Insider added, “it should help you decide which team you would bet your Galleons on (or not)!”


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