Update on Story Navigator

Image courtesy of Pottermore

Image courtesy of Pottermore

Over the past few months, some Pottermore users have experienced issues with the Story Navigator function on Pottermore.com. The Pottermore Team has been working to resolve the issue for weeks and they have now provided another update on their progress.

From the Pottermore Insider:

Over the past few weeks, some members of the Pottermore community have been experiencing an issue where the Story Navigator disappears at certain points of progression through the Moments.

This particular bug, which seemed to be more difficult to catch than a Demiguise, has been located by our engineers and we are working to fix the issue. We’ll update you here on this Site Updates page on our progress.

We’re also working on other suggestions mentioned by members of the Pottermore community including improvements to games, the ability to delete Owl Notifications once they’ve been read, and reviewing our customer service process.

Along with a lot of users, we’re hoping the Pottermore Team will get all the problems with the Story Navigator fixed soon.

What do you think about Pottermore taking up community members’ suggestions? What would you suggest to the Pottermore Team for a better experience? Tell us in the comments below!


3 responses to “Update on Story Navigator

  1. We need a better way to communicate in-game and in-house! Its a total mess, you can’t reply to others and it looks like a 90s messaging board gone wrong. Please fix that, it would help in-house communication greatly and make pottermore more attractive to users to keep cominback

  2. I agree with potterfan. I really don’t like the fact that we can’t communicate with friends/other users. It’s extremely frustrating. Adding a communication feature would definitely benefit every single user. Also, the in-house and Great Hall comment sections are just filled up with RPers so it’s completely useless commenting there if you’re not in their group.

  3. The zoom is also not working for any of my chapters (though it was working fine yesterday) and all of my progress bars are empty (though they were full yesterday). A look in the comments has also shown that there are plenty of others with the same problem, and it really hinders the website. These problems were not present yesterday and have been present since I logged in today, and despite many refreshings and logging in and out, it hasn’t improved.

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