Quidditch World Cup: Bulgaria versus Japan in semi-final game

Bulgaria played against Japan in the second game of the Quidditch World Cup semi finals, reported on by former Quidditch player-turned sports correspondent Ginny Potter for the Daily Prophet.

It was one of the highest scoring matches of the tournament so far with a combined total of 1,070 points. As J.K. Rowling (as Ginny Potter) puts it in her game recap on Pottermore, this match is “one that will live long in the memory of Quidditch fans everywhere.”

From the Insider:

A triple-display of sportsmanship from Bulgarian Seeker Viktor Krum, Beater Boris Vulchanov and Japanese Seeker Noriko Sato coloured the semi-final, and the three players received a standing ovation by all the spectators midway through the match.

Read Ginny Potter’s full Daily Prophet report on Pottermore.com today to find out which team will be facing Brazil in the Cup final, and which team will fight against the USA for third place in the tournament.


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