Rita Skeeter and Ginny Potter to report on Quidditch World Cup

qwcfinalGossip columnist Rita Skeeter is set to add her commentary to the Quidditch World Cup final tomorrow in the Patagonia Desert along with the expected, Quidditch correspondent Ginny Potter.

Sketer and Potter will provide live commentary on the Bulgaria vs. Brazil final from 2:00pm Patagonian time (6:00pm BST, 1:00pm EST, 10:00am PST). Fans will be able to follow the event on the Pottermore Insider as well as the Daily Prophet offices on Pottermore as the game happens. Keep an out for the #QuidditchWorldCup hashtag on Pottemore’s Twitter to find out when a new update has arrived.

Ahead of the game, Pottermore’s published an infographic with 10 facts every Quidditch fan should know about the Quidditch World Cup. Be sure to check it out at the Pottermore Insider. You can catch up on all the action from the 2014 Quidditch World Cup so far by visiting the Daily Prophet offices in Diagon Alley on pottermore.com.

J.K. Rowling has been writing the Quidditch reports in the voice of Ginny Potter on Pottermore since March. On Wednesday, Rowling made international headlines when she released a new column from Rita Skeeter, highlighting the life of post-Hogwarts Harry Potter and his friends, who are in Patagonia for the final. In addition, Rowling wrote the final match reports, which will be released in real time.


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