Live Post of the Quidditch World Cup Final

qwcfinalThe following post will be updated live as the 2014 Quidditch World Cup Final between Bulgaria and Brazil takes place. As a reminder, the game is being reported by J.K. Rowling in the voice of Quidditch correspondent Ginny Potter and infamous journalist Rita Skeeter for the Daily Prophet on Follow the official live blog on the Pottermore Insider here.

  • Ginny: “The stadium is full and the noise is deafening. We await the arrival of both team’s mascots, who will put on a pre-match show.”
  • Rita reports that Harry Potter is accompanied by his family and friends at the game. Everyone is sporting Bulgarian gear, except Harry and Ginny’s son, Albus. Rita speculates: “This will undoubtedly send the gossips into overdrive – what message is young Albus sending us all by choosing to support a team other than his father’s?”
  • The Bulgarian Veela make an appearance in the pre-match show. “Several men’s jaws have dropped here in the journalists’ enclosure,” Ginny reports.
  • Rita catches Hermione “administer a sharp elbow to the ribs” of a “catatonic” Ron when the Veela make their appearance.
  • Brazilian mascots have a much different vibe to them as opposed to the Bulgarian Veela. Ginny writes that the Curupiras were “performing acrobatics, stealing hats from fans and generally creating mayhem.”
  • Rita observes Bill Weasley as he separates his daughter, Victoire, from Teddy Weasley, who appeared far more interested in each other than what was happening on the pitch. According to Rita, “Harry Potter is scratching his ear.”
  • Ginny: “The opening ceremony concludes with an interesting Veela/Curupira pyramid formation,” and the two teams make their arrival.
  • Rita comments on the Weasley family, who are all supporting Brazil: “Certainly nobody can have expected Ronald to cheer on his wife’s ex-boyfriend.” The kids are decked out in green, but Hermione is not wearing anything that indicates which team she is supporting.
  • The game begins, but Neville Longbottom is already on his feet cheering. “Is he drunk?” Rita asks.
  • Ginny: “The Quaffle is in Brazil’s possession but slick defence from Draganov and Vulchanov has so far prevented them from scoring.”
  • Rita: “Luna Lovegood appears to be passing out some kind of snack to her friends in the VIP box.”
  • Ginny updates that the Quaffle is back in Brazilian possession after a Bludger hits Bulgarian player Vassileva hit in the throat and she drops the Quaffle.
  • Rita: Harry tells Neville a joke: “Is it not rather elitist to enjoy ‘private’ jokes with fellow celebrities when people in the cheap seats cannot hear them?”
  • Ginny: “And it’s first blood to Brazil with a spectacular goal from Flores!”
  • Albus nearly falls out of the VIP box when he cheers for Brazil, but luckily Ron saves him. “Harry Potter appears completely unconcerned…” Rita writes.
  • Ginny: “No sign of the Snitch so far,” 42 minutes into the game. Bulgarian players are preventing Brazilian Chasers from scoring.
  • At every well-hit Bulgarian Bludger, Rita writes, Harry cheers and Ron grinds his teeth together. Hermione, of course, is yawning. “…Her Argentinian hosts can only be offended by such blatant rudeness,” Skeeter adds.
  • Ginny: “Bogomil Levski breaks through the Brazilian defence and equalises! Ten all!”
  • Rita provides an update on Percy Weasley, now Head of the Department of Magical Transportation. “Greying and balding, he has aged considerably since the Battle of Hogwarts (where, of course, he became the unfortunate embodiment of the phrase ‘better late than never’).”
  • Ginny updates the score: 40-10, Brazil. “Bulgaria are making too many careless mistakes and need to take the offensive. Brazil looking far the stronger team at this point.”
  • According to Rita Skeeter, Charlie Weasley is not paying attention to the game, but enjoying a conversation with Luna Lovegood’s husband, Rolf Scamander. She comments on Luna’s style, hoping that she won’t put on another one of her “Special Events Hats.” By the way, she voted Luna’s wedding dress “The Most Hideous Outfit of the Year.”
  • Ginny: “THE SNITCH HAS BEEN SIGHTED!” while the score is still in Brazil’s favor, 50-20. “Krum is ahead but narrowly misses a capture…”
  • George Weasley and his wife Angelina are “putting on a show of family togetherness” with their children in the VIP box. Rita updates readers on their life and, according to her, Angelina has apparently left their home after growing restless with their marriage. Ginny dispels those rumors, informing Rita Skeeter that “Angelina left the marital home to care for her sick father.”
  • The game has been paused, Ginny writes, after Brazilian Beater Santos hit Viktor Krum hard over the head with his bat. “The referee is examining Omniocular footage to determine whether a foul has been committed.”
  • In reaction to the game being stopped, the crowd groans. Rita notes Ron as openly kisses his wife Hermione.
  • Ginny reports the referee’s no foul conclusion on Krum’s injury. Game play resumes at Krum’s request. Almost immediately, Krum and Bulgarian Seeker Silva sky rockets upward. Snitch has been sighted once again.
  • Rita comments on an “agitated and tense” Dumbledore’s Army. All have risen from their seats to see which Seeker will catch the Snitch first.
  • Ginny: “Krum and Silva are in a breakneck dash for the Snitch, which Silva sighted first…” Krum and Silva race to the Snitch, with the party ahead changing by the second.
  • There’s been no change in Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley’s demeanor. The two snuggle together as everyone else takes advantage of the VIP section.
  • 2 hours and 45 minutes into the game, Ginny confirms: Viktor Krum has caught the Snitch, Bulgaria wins, 60-170.
  • Everyone is jumping up and down in the VIP box, the crowd is going crazy. Ginny writes, “After two and three-quarter hours in the blazing Argentinian sun, Bulgaria has won the Quidditch World Cup and Krum has achieved his life’s ambition on the third attempt… Tears are streaming down his face.” The two Seekers embrace in a brilliant show of sportsmanship.
  • “Dumbledore’s Army seems to approve of the victory,” Rita writes.
  • Just as Ginny approaches her, Rita apparently falls “unaccountably ill with what some are calling a jinx to the solar plexus,” according to Ginny’s report.

So, there you have it! Three months after we learned about the tournament, the 2014 Quidditch World Cup has concluded, with Viktor Krum finally achieving his lifelong ambition. Congratulations Bulgaria!

Image via Pottermore


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